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What are E99 Points?

E99 Points are issued for purchases, reviews, and other related activities. Redeem your E99 Points for rewards and discount prices. The more E99 Points you accumulate, the more fantastic the reward!



How to Get E99 Points?


1. Register on our website: 10 E99 Points
If you are a new customer, just sign up and create a new account,  you will then receive 10 E99 Points credited to your account. It’s that simple!

2. Confirm your email address: 10 E99 Points
To make sure your registered email address has been entered correctly, please confirm your email address. We'll be happy to grant you 10 E99 Points once your email address is confirmed.

3. Upload  Avatar: 10 E99 Points
Modify your avatar (account picture) to receive 10 E99 Points.

4. Go Shopping on our website
Shopping at Elitefashion99. Product Cost = Equivalent number of E99 Points. Special items can offer more.

5. Write reviews about your purchases
Write a short review for your purchased products and you will get:
+10 E99 Points for normal text reviews.
+20 E99 Points if you add photos to your review
+50 E99 Points if you also attach video

How to Use E99oints?


·   50 E99 Points = $1.00

When your points reach 50 (minimum), you can use them for discount.

The discount (from the E99 Points) cannot exceed 30% of the final commodity value after coupon deduction


·  The guidelines for using E99 Points

E99 Points cannot be redeemed against certain special sale items.

Orders which use E99 Points for payment can not get E99 Points.

The amount of E99 Points awarded is not affected by coupons.

For example: commodity value = $10.00, use 10% off coupon = $9.00. You receive 10 E99 Points. reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions.