I’ve accepted two truths about accessories. The first is that there is no such thing as too much of the same thing. If you’re thinking watches, pile on two. If you’re going for necklaces, try three. Layering jewelry in all the right places always makes getting dressed that much more fun, and it’s especially easy on the wallet if you’re looking for a subtle change without breaking the bank.

 Dressing's In the Details


Which leads me to my second point that accessories are best served when they’re interchangeable. Take the handbag, for example. Whether you’re dressing for weekend brunch or an important meeting, your one constant is a solid bag game. And let’s be honest: I’m always in a rush and certainly not the most mindful when it comes to swapping bag contents, so something convertible—like a cross-body that can also function as a clutch—is a simple solution. Just tuck in the cross-body straps and voila!—it’s a clutch to update your look from daytime to evening.